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Distant Rainstorm


Monsoons represent some of the most important weather phenomena and climate systems on Earth and the Asian monsoon is the largest and most intense such known on the planet today. 


By reconstructing how erosion and weathering have changed in continental drainage basins in the recent geological past it is possible to understand what effect naturally induced climate changes have had on the discharge from River systems and potentially to use the marine stratigraphic record to reconstruct how environments have evolved over a number of timescales.

Algae Farm


In this new study I am examining the degree sediment storage in the Himalaya plays in controlling the flux of sediment to the Indian Ocean. I particularly focus on those regions north of the Greater Himalaya in order to look at a region with drier, less monsoonal climate than those worked on by previous studies, especially along the Sutlej Valley.


I focus on work in the marine offshore using released industrial seismic and drilling data, largely located offshore Vietnam to understand how basins form in this environment and what causes them to fill with sediment. 

Golden Bridge in Da Nang , Vietnam
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